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Being charged with, or receiving an infringement notice for a traffic offence, facing the potential consequence of losing your licence and significant penalties including imprisonment can be a stressful, anxious experience. Our team of exceptional traffic lawyers are highly experienced advocates in all types of traffic law matters and regularly appear in a wide range of matters.  Many firms claim to be the best or leading traffic lawyers. At Australian Lawyers and Advocates, our service, reputation and results speak for themselves.


Our team of lawyers will carefully consider and assess your case, provide you with high quality legal advice and present your case using our extensive knowledge and advocacy experience in order to get you the best possible outcome.


Many traffic law matters have strict time limits in which to act. If you require legal assistance with any traffic law matter, do not delay or hesitate to seek legal advice and contact our team to arrange high quality legal representation.

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We can provide you with comprehensive advice to protect your rights, advise you of the best way in which to approach your case and advise you throughout each stage of your traffic matter. We can also help you in dealing with the Police so that you are fully aware of your rights and obligations. Some aspects of traffic law require a person of interest to answer certain questions.

Far too often we see cases where clients have not sought appropriate legal advice before speaking with the Police and have then volunteered information which is later used in evidence against them. It is important to understand that key preparation for the defence of any traffic matter can occur before a person of interest is interviewed. Our team of dedicated traffic lawyers and advocates can be with you from the very start of your matter, until its conclusion.

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Strict time limits apply to filing of licence appeals. It is common for deadlines to be forgotten and once a deadline is missed, there is no avenue for recourse. Our team of highly experienced traffic lawyers can prepare and file your licence appeal application and guide you through the process of any court election or application.

Not only will we be with you every step of the way, our lawyers are highly adept at knowing what documents can assist in your application and we can ensure that your circumstances are put firmly before a court. As experienced and highly skilled advocates, we will appear with you in court and present your case to obtain the best possible outcome.

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The law allows for the court to remove existing driver licence disqualifications or Habitual Traffic Offender Declarations in certain circumstances.

Our team of expert traffic lawyers can identify whether or not you are eligible to make an application to have your licence disqualification, or Habitual Traffic Offender Declaration removed, prepare and file your appeal with the court, advise you on how best to prepare your case and then appear at court on your behalf in order to try and get you back on the road sooner rather than later.

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In certain circumstances, it may be advisable to have a lawyer present during any interview with Police. In certain circumstances in traffic law matters, you may be compelled to answer some types of questions. Decisions as to whether or not to have a lawyer with you at the Police Station are important and must be carefully considered.

We can give you detailed and strategic advice in order to guide you as to whether or not you should have a lawyer present with you at the Police Station as well as what questions you are compelled to answer. Should you require a lawyer to attend a Police Station with you, our team of highly experienced traffic lawyers and advocates are on hand to assist you.

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Our team of highly experienced traffic lawyers and advocates ply their trade-in court. Respected by Judges and Magistrates as well as our opponents, we appear in all manner of courts across various jurisdictions. Every case is important and our attention to detail is key to each case. When it comes to appearing in court, not only is knowledge and expertise in the law important, but it is the experience and skills of our traffic lawyers and advocates which can make the difference in your case.

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If you are pleading guilty, or have been found guilty of traffic offences, facing a sentence can be daunting. Sitting in court with your licence, career and even liberty potentially on the line is a scary prospect.

Our team of traffic lawyers and advocates can help you prepare your case for sentence and appear in sentencing matters in all manner of jurisdictions, no matter how serious the charges against you might be. Our experienced advocates are your voice in court in order to explain the circumstances of the offence/s and to obtain the best possible outcomes on sentence.

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Pleading not guilty and defending charges against you is not as straightforward as many people think. Rules as to the admissibility of evidence as well as practices and procedures in criminal courts are comprehensive. The ability to test and discredit evidence and to be aware of what defences are available to you is important in the defence of any traffic matter.

Our team of exceptional and experienced traffic lawyers and advocates will be able to work with you in order to prepare the best strategies for the defence of your charge/s and appear in court to be your voice in the presentation of your case.

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Regardless of whether you intend pleading guilty or not guilty to some or all of your charges, situations often arise where negotiations can be held with the Police or Prosecutors in order to either have your charge/s dropped or discontinued, have your charge/s reduced or downgraded or to have the facts pertaining to the charge/s against you amended. Police officers are not lawyers and quite often lay incorrect or inappropriate charges or place irrelevant, inaccurate or unfair content in Police Facts. Even if you are intending to plead guilty, it is important to obtain detailed advice from an experienced traffic lawyer as to the prospects of negotiating the charge/s and facts against you. 

If you are pleading not guilty and wish to defend your charge/s, time consuming and costly legal proceedings can sometimes be avoided by having your lawyer seek to have the charge/s against you dropped. Our team of exceptional traffic lawyers and advocates can examine your case and the evidence to determine whether or not it is possible to have your charge/s dropped before your court date.

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Facing the prospect of losing your licence can leave you anxious, stressed and unaware of where to turn. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process from start to finish. We ensure that you are aware of what is happening in your matter. As lawyers who are also highly skilled and experienced advocates, we are your voice whether it be in or out of court.
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Our lawyers are respected amongst Judges, Magistrates as well as our opponents and we are renowned for our abilities not only as experienced traffic lawyers and advocates, but also for our abilities to obtain excellent results for our clients.
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We understand that your time is valuable. We offer flexible appointments and are able to make convenient arrangements to discuss your case either in person or by phone/video. We appear in matters all over Australia giving you access to the highest quality legal representation no matter where you are.

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I would like to acknowledge my sincere gratitude to Mr Jack Leitner. I was represented by another firm in Parramatta Local Court. My previous representatives’ preparation for my case was atrocious. I changed my representation. Within minutes of our first phone call, I knew this man knew his stuff. His preparation, professionalism, research, calming influence, everything, was incredible.
I owe everything to Jack, he has changed my life. You are a legend.


‘Daniel is a great solicitor. I’ve used his service twice now and he really turns up for you.”


‘I can highly recommend Daniel and the team from Australian Lawyers and Advocates. My matter was looked after by Daniel directly and the level of expertise and knowledge provided by Daniel was not only outstanding but kept me at ease throughout the entire process of my case. The guidance provided by Daniel and the team lead to a positive outcome on my behalf. Thank you.”


I would like to recommend Jack Leitner. I want to extend my appreciation for all your efforts during this long and difficult path. Your availability, follow-up, and especially the attentive and prompt replies have been invaluable. Dealing with the law and lawsuits is not easy for the “common” man. The incarceration of my partner during the course of this legal nightmare was devastating and certainly increased my level of stress while having to deal with this matter at the same time. Please know that your kindness and concern has made a difference. Thank you for helping me through this difficult trial. I am so grateful to you for representing my partner in court, and for being a powerful advocate for my partner throughout these difficult times. Thank you so much for your passionate, thoughtful, and brilliant work. To say I am pleased would be a great understatement. Again thank you so much for everything you and your firm has done for me. I really cannot tell you how much it all means to me.

Scott P.

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