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Our team of lawyers and highly experienced advocates can assist you with your family law matter. We understand that family law matters are often stressful and we aim to guide you through your matter in a professional and compassionate way.


We also understand the negative impacts that lengthy and bitter proceedings can have not only on you, but also other family members, especially children.


We are conscious of the various competing interests in family law proceedings, which extend beyond those of each parent or spouse and aim to provide a comprehensive and practical approach tailored to your case.

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Family Law

Divorce open accordron item

We can attend to providing you with comprehensive advice regarding the requirements for divorce matters and to draft and file your application or response to a divorce with the court. We can attend to service requirements to serve your divorce application and attend to all other prescribed requirements to have the Court grant your divorce.

Our lawyers and advocates can then appear in Court to ensure that your divorce is granted.

Separation open accordron item

We can guide you through the often stressful process of separation. Our experienced lawyers and advocates will give you detailed and practical advice to not only deal with issues faced during your separation but will also advise you of proactive and future steps to be considered, giving you a clear path towards navigating your separation.

We can assist you with the mediation of disputes or appear in court in any family law proceedings as required.

Children and parenting matters open accordron item

We believe that it is not easy for the law to balance the best interests of children within the context of family law being an adversarial system where parents are engaged in litigation against one another. We understand that children and parenting matters are complex and can be highly emotive and often involve parents behaving in a way so as to unnecessarily agitate already complicated and emotionally testing situations.

We can provide you with practical and detailed advice, attend to mediations and conferences as well as appear in Court to contest any children or parenting matters.

Property settlement open accordron item

We understand that things you have worked hard for over a long period of time and assets of any marriage or relationship are important beyond their monetary value. We can provide you with comprehensive advice regarding your property interests and how these are treated by the law. The law and matters involving property settlements can be quite complex and it is important that you receive the highest quality advice in order to protect your present and future interests.

We can attend to mediations and other dispute resolution conferences as well as prepare your application or response in respect of your matter and appear in Court to contest any property settlement to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Child and spousal support open accordron item

We can assist you with your application or response in respect of any applications for child or spousal reports including guiding you through the applicable law and procedure. We can make or respond to applications concerning child or spousal support and advance your interests to ensure that you and your family’s interests are protected.

All other Family Law matters open accordron item

Our experienced team of lawyers and advocates can guide you through all other family law matters, no matter how big or small, ensuring that your interests are protected in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why you should contact us for Family Law?

Experience Sydney Lawyers
We are informative and empathetic
Family law is confusing, particularly in emotionally trying times. There are many rules, requirements and other processes which can be quite daunting. As your team, we will help you navigate through your family law matter and will be your strength throughout your case. Our lawyers and advocates, through their experience, are empathetic to your needs and know that you are not alone and that they will be with you through every step of your matter.
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We undertake a wholistic approach to your case
We understand that family law proceedings are stressful. Not only do we deal with your case in a compassionate and professional way, but we also consider the broader implications that your case has on those who are nearest and dearest to you. Our experienced lawyers and advocates aim to attend to you and your matter in the least stressful manner possible in order to achieve a successful and timely outcome for you.
Australian Lawyers & Advocates - Sydney
We are approachable and accessible.
We understand that your time is valuable. We offer flexible appointments and are able to make convenient arrangements to discuss your case either in person or by phone/video. We appear in matters all over Australia giving you access to the highest quality legal representation no matter where you are.

What our clients are saying

I would like to acknowledge my sincere gratitude to Mr Jack Leitner. I was represented by another firm in Parramatta Local Court. My previous representatives’ preparation for my case was atrocious. I changed my representation. Within minutes of our first phone call, I knew this man knew his stuff. His preparation, professionalism, research, calming influence, everything, was incredible.
I owe everything to Jack, he has changed my life. You are a legend.


‘Daniel is a great solicitor. I’ve used his service twice now and he really turns up for you.”


‘I can highly recommend Daniel and the team from Australian Lawyers and Advocates. My matter was looked after by Daniel directly and the level of expertise and knowledge provided by Daniel was not only outstanding but kept me at ease throughout the entire process of my case. The guidance provided by Daniel and the team lead to a positive outcome on my behalf. Thank you.”


I would like to recommend Jack Leitner. I want to extend my appreciation for all your efforts during this long and difficult path. Your availability, follow-up, and especially the attentive and prompt replies have been invaluable. Dealing with the law and lawsuits is not easy for the “common” man. The incarceration of my partner during the course of this legal nightmare was devastating and certainly increased my level of stress while having to deal with this matter at the same time. Please know that your kindness and concern has made a difference. Thank you for helping me through this difficult trial. I am so grateful to you for representing my partner in court, and for being a powerful advocate for my partner throughout these difficult times. Thank you so much for your passionate, thoughtful, and brilliant work. To say I am pleased would be a great understatement. Again thank you so much for everything you and your firm has done for me. I really cannot tell you how much it all means to me.

Scott P.

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