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If you’re facing a fraud charge, you need the right lawyers. Hire lawyers for fraud charges who know how to navigate court proceedings using their expert knowledge and wealth of experience and can help you through what can be a stressful and confusing situation.

To find the best legal help you need to maximise your chances of obtaining the best possible outcome, there’s none better than Australian Lawyers and Advocates. Reach out today to learn more about how we can assist you.

What is fraud?

Fraud means using dishonesty or deception to gain money, influence or other forms of advantage. It can also mean causing others to lose money or to suffer a loss, even if the offender themselves did not gain anything directly.

Although the most common fraud is financial, fraudulent conduct can involve a variety of other types of deceit or misrepresentation. Whichever form fraud takes, it is considered a serious criminal offence with heavy potential penalties, including lengthy sentences of imprisonment being available on conviction.

If you or someone you know has been accused of fraud, we might be able to help. Find out what our team of fraud charge lawyers can do for you when you reach out today.

Building your fraud defence

At Australian Lawyers and Advocates, we have extensive experience in defending clients who have been accused of fraud. Whether you have been wrongfully accused or have committed fraud and need legal guidance, you are entitled to representation in the pursuit of your defence. This is where we come in. We are in your corner, helping you to achieve the best possible outcome for your case. 

How does this work?

If you have been wrongfully accused, your fraud charges lawyer will work with you to defend the allegations against you. We will use our legal expertise to show that you have not acted dishonestly or the case against you is not capable of proving your guilt and that, as a result, you should not be found guilty of any wrongdoing.

If you have committed fraud, you still deserve legal representation and defence. In this case, we can work to find mitigating factors that can lessen your sentence and help you move on with your life in a positive way. We can assist in establishing facts such as:

Showing that the amount of money gained or lost was not as great as may have been claimed.Showing that the fraud did not take place over a long period of time and was instead the result of impulsive or misguided actions.

Showing that the fraud was not part of a sophisticated criminal plan or strategy and was perhaps just a one-off opportunistic decision.

Showing that there were other factors involved, such as financial hardship or other factors, that may have caused you to make the wrong decision.

Showing that there were no underlying motives, such as greed, prejudice, or hatred.

Showing that you are of good character and that you are unlikely to offend.

Whatever your situation, we can help. All cases are different, and so we apply our expertise as we get to know your needs. All of our lawyer services for fraud charges begin with a consultation, so reach out today and let’s get started.

Why choose Australian Lawyers and Advocates

At Australian Lawyers and Advocates, we let our results, reputation and high level of client service and satisfaction speak for themselves. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose us:

We are highly experienced fraud charge lawyers and well-versed in NSW law.We treat all our clients with the respect and decency they deserve — we are on your side, even in stressful circumstances.

We have a strong track record of excellent results in criminal defence cases.

We talk and listen to you each and every step of the way. We are on your team!

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