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As a leading law firm based in Sutherland, our team specialises in criminal law with years of dedicated legal service. Our qualified criminal lawyers work arduously to protect your rights and assist our clients in navigating the legal system to the best of our abilities. We adeptly handle the complexities of criminal law, providing invaluable advice tailored to safeguarding your interests. With our team, you will receive the support you need.

Whether you are facing criminal charges or need legal representation for any other matter, rest assured that our seasoned team is here to support you every step of the way. Passionate about our work, we strive to empower our clients to overcome even the most challenging times with confidence, enabling them to surmount obstacles effectively. Trust us to assist you comprehensively with expertise and an unwavering commitment to justice.

Fraud Conviction
Jack Leitner

Jack Leitner

B.SocSc, LL.B (Hons), GDLP, Acc. Spec (Crim)

Legal Practice Director

Admitted as a Solicitor and Barrister of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and of the High Court of Australia, Jack has dedicated his professional life to defending those accused of criminal offences. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Social Science (Criminology) in addition to his requisite admission qualifications. Jack’s wealth of experience ranges from less serious matters such as traffic offences and drink driving and drug possession, to the most serious offences, such as murder, aggravated sexual assaults, fraud, armed robbery, and offences relating to large-scale drug operations.

Jack has appeared in all manner of Courts and Tribunals from the Children’s and Local Courts through to the District and Supreme Courts of NSW as well as Courts within the Federal jurisdiction. He has also conducted, and appeared in matters in the family and civil law jurisdictions.

Jack is a passionate and highly skilled lawyer and advocate with high-level attention to detail, and is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for his clients. Jack’s expertise and experience in the field of Criminal Law has resulted in him being one of a small number of criminal lawyers accredited by the NSW Law Society as a lawyer who has demonstrated specialised competence in the field of criminal law and who has been conferred Specialist Accreditation by the Law Society under its Specialist Accreditation scheme.

Outside of legal practice, Jack enjoys spending time with his family. Jack’s interests include sports, camping and fishing and enjoying the great outdoors.

Daniel Shestowsky

Daniel Shestowsky


Legal Practice Director

Daniel practices exclusively in the areas of criminal and traffic law. Daniel is admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales as well as the High Court of Australia and holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in Politics) in addition to requisite admission qualifications. Daniel has acted for clients in a range of matters, from drug possession and drink driving matters, to large scale frauds, sexual assault and robbery matters. Daniel has appeared in a variety of Courts, from the Children’s and Local Courts through to the District and Supreme Courts of NSW.

Daniel is a passionate and driven advocate for his clients. He has a focused and committed attitude to representing his clients and he recognises that every client’s matter is a significant priority in their lives. Daniel is an experienced advocate in the Courtroom, having appeared in all variety of Courts in Sydney and Greater NSW.

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