Client Found Not Guilty of Seven Fraud Charges

Seven Charges of Dishonestly Obtain Financial Advantage by Deception (Fraud) taken to Hearing Resulting in Client Being Found Not Guilty and Charges Dismissed.

Our Legal Practice Director Mr Daniel Shestowsky represented a 66 year old female at the Parramatta Local Court in relation to allegations of fraudulently obtaining over $330,000 from an elderly lady she was caring for.

The Allegations and Charges of Fraud

The case involved an allegation that our client made over 100 transactions over a period of 3 years using the elderly lady’s bank card and kept the money for herself. Our client was, at the time, was caring for the lady part time as she was morbidly obese and could not leave her house without significant help. The case itself became newsworthy and our client faced intense scrutiny from the media throughout the case.

The maximum penalty for each charge if dealt with in the District Court was 10 years imprisonment, however, due to the matter being prosecuted in the Local Court, our client faced maximum imprisonment for 2 years. Our client, if found guilty, would also have been subject to a compensation order, forcing her to pay back all of the $330,000 alleged to have been taken.

The Hearing at Parramatta Local Court

After carefully analysing the brief of evidence provided by the Police and in conjunction with our client’s instructions, Mr Shestowsky appeared at the Hearing at Parramatta Local Court. After careful testing of the evidence including a thorough Cross-examination of the complainant, our client was found not guilty of all charges and the matter was dismissed.

This case illustrates the importance of thorough representation and eye for detail that our lawyers such as Mr Daniel Shestowsky can bring to each and every legal matter. Our lawyers offer sage advice and representation in a number of different criminal law matters.

To follow the case in the media, follow the link here and here.


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