Non-Conviction for Driving while Licence Privileges Withdrawn

Daniel Shestowsky appeared and obtained a Non-Conviction on behalf of a client who pleaded guilty to driving after having his visitor driving privileges withdrawn by Transport for NSW.

Drive after Visiting Driver Privileges Withdrawn

Our client was a young man from India who moved to Australia in late 2016 on a student visa. Our client was working between Queensland and New South Wales and obtained a Queensland driver’s licence. His driving record was not a good one, having accumulated over 30 demerit points over a 3 year period due to a variety of speeding offences. Ultimately our client elected to obtain a good behaviour licence. However, if he committed a further offence in the proceeding 12 month period, he would lose his licence for double the normal suspension period.

Unfortunately our client committed a further speeding offence. He was soon notified by Transport for NSW that, given he was on a Queensland driver’s licence at the time, his driving privileges in the state of New South Wales would be withdrawn. He was told he could not apply for a new licence for a period of 9 months.

Our client then made the unfortunate decision to drive and was pulled over by Police. He was subsequently charged with Driving after having his driver privileges withdrawn and was given a Court Attendance Notice. Our client faced, amongst other things, the prospect of a criminal conviction as well as a disqualification period.

Sentencing at Parramatta Local Court

Our client approached Australian Lawyers and Advocates to seek appropriate advice and legal representation. Our client faced, amongst other things, the prospect of a disqualification of his licence. He also faced the possibility of a criminal conviction, possibly hampering his future employment prospects and his visa status. Thankfully, Mr. Shestowsky’s persuasive advocacy resulted in the Magistrate dealing with the matter by way of a Conditional Release Order without recording a criminal conviction.  Our client also avoided a further loss of his licence.

This result was achieved by our team thoroughly providing a background of our client’s personal circumstances to the Court. Our client was able to avoid a criminal conviction and the stigma that comes with disclosing that to prospective future employers.

This case highlights the importance of engaging lawyers who are highly knowledgeable and experienced traffic law lawyers and advocates. Our reputation and results speak for themselves and this case is another example of our ability to obtain the best outcomes for our clients.


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