Employee avoids Jail for Salmon Theft in Ingleburn

Daniel Shestowsky appeared on behalf of a client who pleaded guilty to Stealing Property as an employee of a large scale Salmon farming and processing company.

Salmon Theft in Campbelltown area

Our client was an employee of a large scale Salmon farming and processing company for over 2 years as a forklift driver. In December 2020, senior management at the company were made aware of losses totalling over 4 million dollars at their Campbelltown factory. An internal investigation was conducted and the Police were contacted. Our client was accused of removing Salmon from the premises without paying for the goods. There were several others involved in removing over 250 tonnes of Salmon from the factory.

Steal Property as Clerk/Servant

Our client was ultimately implicated in the stealing of over 500 kilograms of Salmon to the value of $11,850 over a 6 month period. He was charged and faced Campbelltown Local Court along with 4 other employees. Our client was charged with Steal Property as Clerk/Servant. If dealt with in the District Court, this charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment. If dealt with in the Local Court, it carries a maximum jurisdictional penalty of 2 years imprisonment and/or a fine of $11,000 for a single charge.

Sentencing at Campbelltown Local Court

Our client approached Australian Lawyers and Advocates to seek appropriate advice and legal representation. Given the strength of the prosecution case and our client’s own admissions, he entered a plea of guilty to the charge before the Court.

Our client did not have the most favourable criminal history which meant that a custodial sentence was a very real possibility for him. Mr Shestowsky made sure the Court was made aware of our client’s mitigating features that differentiated him from his co-accused, including his early plea of guilty and pro-social community contributions.

After Mr. Shestowsky’s persuasive advocacy, the Magistrate ultimately dealt with our client’s matter by way of an Intensive Corrections Order allowing our client to remain in the community providing for his family.

This result was achieved by our team thoroughly providing a background of our client’s personal circumstances to the Court, with particular emphasis on his own subjective circumstances, his remorse and contrition and his lowered risk of re-offending. Our client was able to retain his liberty and continue to be there for his family.

This case highlights the importance of engaging criminal defence lawyers who are highly knowledgeable and experienced lawyers and advocates. Our reputation and results speak for themselves and this case is another example of our ability to obtain the best outcomes for our clients.

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