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Money laundering (often referred to as dealing with proceeds of crime) refers to the act of concealing the true origins of illegally derived funds.Money laundering offences are serious offences in Australia. Maximum penalties for money laundering offences vary depending on their seriousness with lengthy prison sentences being available to courts depending on the charge. 

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Depending on the circumstances at hand, defences may include not being aware that the money originated from a crime, that the property was not received, possessed, concealed or disposed of, or other statutory defences depending on the charge or offence.  

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What type of offence is money laundering? open accordron item

Money laundering is the act of hiding or disguising the origin of money derived illegally from criminal activity. It enables people to avoid criminal detection while using the proceeds of crime. Money laundering offences are wide-ranging and can apply to various activities relating to money or property used in conjunction with the crime.

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At the Commonwealth level, money laundering is dealt with by The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP). At a state and territory level, the offence is dealt with by local police and state and territory-based public prosecution departments.

How many years do you typically get for money laundering in Australia? open accordron item

At both state and federal levels, the applicable sentence ultimately depends on the charge, the amount of money involved, the person’s level of knowledge surrounding the illegal money and other circumstances generally.

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