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Kidnapping (also referred to as detaining for an advantage)  is a serious offence with significant penalties such as lengthy prison sentences for those found guilty. To establish a kidnapping offence, it must be proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused took or detained a person without their consent to hold them for ransom, commit a serious offence, or obtain some other advantage.

Child abduction is the taking or detaining of a child with the intention of either stealing from the child or removing or keeping the children from the lawful control of any person who has parental responsibility for that child without their consent. 

If you’ve been accused of kidnapping, you’ll need our expert kidnapping and child abduction lawyers on your side. After carefully examining your case, our criminal law team will advise you of your best defence options.

Defences to the charge of kidnapping may include duress, self-defence or defence of another, necessity and consent. 

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What type of offence is kidnapping? open accordron item

Kidnapping is an offence under the Crimes Act 1900. It refers to the taking or detaining of somebody without their consent, with the intention of:


  • Holding them to ransom
  • Committing a serious offence
  • Gaining any other advantage

What court deals with kidnapping in NSW? open accordron item

Being an indictable offence, kidnapping charges can be heard at either the District Court or the Supreme Court in NSW. 

How many years do you typically get for kidnapping in Australia? open accordron item

The basic kidnapping offence incurs a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment. The penalty increases to a maximum of 20 years for the aggravated offence if the offence was committed in the company of other persons or if immediately before, during or after the offence  actual bodily harm is occasioned to the victim. A maximum of 25 years imprisonment applies for the specially aggravated offence if the offence occurred in the company of one or more other persons with the infliction of actual bodily harm upon the victim. Child abduction offences are punishable by a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment.


If you’re facing a kidnapping charge, it’s crucial that you contact an expert child abduction lawyer or kidnapping lawyer in Sydney.

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